Thursday, October 21, 2010

Swing Kids

I just got back from swing dancing! Yep, swing dancing in Hong Kong. This really is the city that has everything (well, except for cheap Mexican food). Two friends from church invited me. Apparently the swing madness happens every Wednesday, and it's free! It's in the basement of Jardine's House in a place called Grappa's Cellar. It's also a restaurant, so there were diners and waiters around the place. Occasionally one of us would bump into a waiter, but it seemed to work out ok.

Even though I've danced swing for years, I kind of felt like a beginner tonight. First of all, I haven't danced for eight months or so. Forever, basically. So I was a bit out of the zone. Also, JBU swing favors the simple basic (or whatever it's called) while the people tonight liked the quickstep and some other pointing toe-step. I was a little messed up on things like spins since I didn't always know what to do with my feet with the different steps. I would automatically revert to the simple basic and then would be messed up. But I suppose practice makes better.

Still, it was really fun! Although there were more girls than guys, it was much more even than what I'm used to. Also, everyone did a very good job of circulating and dancing with different people. Awesome! Although most of the people there were in their twenties and thirties, there were a couple of older and younger people. I even danced with a high schooler and a middle schooler! They get a lot of points in my book for being gutsy enough to go to a mainly adult swing club.

This makes me want to watch Swing Kids again. I'll have to troll the internet and see if I can find it.

It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing.


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