Saturday, October 2, 2010

Asian Laura

After living in the shopping center of the universe for three months, I now dress much more Asian. These are pictures of the new, improved, Asianified Laura!

Take special note of the bow, the rosettes on the sleeve, and the grape charm on my phone.

And the whole ruffly blue dress.

Also, an extra long shirt with writing that doesn't really make sense (take your hand?) and heel-like shoes.

Ok, maybe not really. But kind of. In reality, most of my clothes are still American. I did buy the dress because I could go to work in it, and it is some evidence of my Asianifying. The grape charm was a present from a friend. It seems that most Asians (at least girls) have charms dangling from everything: hats, belts, cell phones, purses, etc.

I swore that I'd never wear one of those long shirts, since I think they often look sloppy and shapeless, so I guess that shows how much my solemn oaths mean. I recently bought this shirt because my favorite shorts have these mysterious pink stains (paint? bleach?) on the butt. A long shirt allows me to still wear my shorts! Besides, I did like the colors (enough to ignore the odd words).

But the bow? No. Before you think I've gone too far, I did buy that bow just for this picture. So I'm still me! Kind of...

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  1. I had to laugh esp. at the first picture. That is something I really miss about thailand- being able to find the coolest and weirdest shirts that made absolutely no sense. good times.


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