Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Movie-death Madness

Disclaimer: I've always said I'd like a funny or exciting death. Well, maybe quick and exciting is the best. Like getting hit by an anvil that has fallen out of an airplane. That's pretty funny. Anyway, this poem is about that.

Why wish to die in sleep,
slumbering slowly away into nothing?
I don't want to die
with a whimper and sigh,
just a bang, boom, explosion
an evil witch potion
A piano falling glory
A dairy truck, white and gory.
Laughter in life and death,
A smile on still, cold lips
wetted with milk and blood.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Blindside, Finally!

Now I'm pretty settled in Siloam and just started the job hunt! I'll give you an update on that soon, but now I have something way more important to report.

I went to a Blindside concert!

If you know me at all, you probably know that they're my favorite band in the whole world. I've wanted to see them live since I was a senior in high school, and I've tried and failed to go to six of their shows. Needless to say, I was ecstatic to go to their show.

The day was a bit of a mixed bag, really. I've had bad things happen at the last several concerts I went to (wrecked car, broken wrists, getting lost for four hours, pulled over, etc.), so I was hoping this one would be ok. It was, for the most part. Of course I didn't get away scot-free. I did forget my wallet and my friend Rosey only had three bucks and cards. That was unfortunate because we had to pay for parking and didn't have enough money.

We tried to use an ATM at the venue, but it was out of order. We wandered around mainstreet trying to find another and finally found one WAY inside the Peabody hotel. That one also wasn't working, so we went back to the car to try to find change. We still didn't have enough quarters so we asked random people on the street to give us quarters for dimes. None of them could help us, but we finally got a bartender to help us out.

We finally got to the show just as the opening band started playing. They were pretty decent. After them were Intohimo and Write This Down, which were both fun. I was SO ANNOYED with the crowd. There were these awesome bands putting on a great show, and everyone around us was just standing there. Lame. Rosey and I were dancing and headbanging and having a great time. It's like everyone else felt like they had to be serious and look pissy. Terrible. It's just funny to me that all the Tulsa concerts I've been to have had WAY better crowds. What's wrong with you, Little Rock?

When Blindside finally came on, it was a little better, but there was still only around fifteen people that were actually getting into it. At least the people moved up. Freaking Arkansas.

But on the other hand, Blindside was SO GOOD! They played a bunch of great songs and Christian did some of his trademark high kicks. Awesome stuff.

Me and Rosey, post-show. I missed the silly face memo. I didn't even get any bruises, so it obviously wasn't a great crowd.

I usually don't hang around after shows, but I did this time. I got them to sign some cd art and got a picture with all of them. Christian, the lead singer, was especially cool, and we talked for a little while. They didn't have any smalls, but we hung around until the merch guy dug a medium out of the truck.

Marcus, drums.

Simon, guitar. I caught his pick!

Tomas, bass.

Christian, vocals. We were making angry faces.

After that, we loaded up on water, gas, and coffee and headed back. We got back around four, but it was totally worth it. I can now die happy.