Sunday, June 23, 2013

Happy Saturday

I didn't really have any plans for today, a Saturday, but plans seemed to find me!  My friend Rebecca texted me in the morning and asked if I'd like to go have a picnic!  Of course I said yes.

Then someone else e-mailed me that they found a place that served chicken feet and egg tarts!  I had just been talking with her about Hong Kong food I like, so it was really sweet of her to let me know.  Since I'm carless at the moment, Rebecca picked me up.  She kindly agreed to take me by the Chinese place to pick up my picnic food.

Thank you, Charlie.

It took me a little while to make a decision, but I finally decided on chicken feet, har gou, sticky rice lotus leaf, and an egg tart.  For good measure I got some bubble tea, but it was just Thai tea.  I talked to the lady at the register a little, but unfortunately she only speaks Mandarin.  :(   As far as the food went, in case the suspense is killing you, it was fair to good.  The chicken feet were great and the sticky rice was good.  The egg tart was decent (a bit too sweet, I think), but the har gou wasn't very good.  It was mashed shrimp instead of whole, and it had this strange taste to it, so I didn't even want to finish it.  Still, overall I was pleased. 

The little lake we went to was a bit out of the city but worth the drive.  It was beautiful!  There was a cute little sandpiper that kept us entertained while we ate.  Lunch and a show!  A bunch of people showed up and started setting up a party, apparently a German party, so we didn't linger too long over lunch.  There was a trail nearby that looped around the lake so we decided to walk it.

There's not much else to say except that everything was beautiful.  I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.


Up the trail

Wild roses


Interesting foliage

After the successful, yet mosquito-ridden, walk, we went back to Anchorage and had some delicious frozen yogurt!  Rebecca was taking me home when I saw something was happening out in front of the Dimond Mall.  A Korean festival of some sorts?  She dropped me off and I went to investigate.  A bunch of churches had set up boothes and had food and such.  They had a stage too, but unfortunately I had missed the performances.  They were playing Korean music on the loudspeakers, and a Vixx song that I just bought came on twice!  I bought some Korean donuts and dukboki.  

I was eating at a table when I heard someone calling my name.  It was my boss's daughter!  I went over and sat with her and her friends while I finished my snack.  The festival was over and people started taking stuff down, so I decided to go in the mall.  I didn't see too much interesting stuff, but I did get a pair of much-needed black flats.  I also saw another friend who works at the mall.  It was slow in her store so we talked for awhile. 

Then I got a text from my life group leader.  My church life group was getting together to hang out.  We went to a high school to play ultimate frisbee and then volleyball.  I'm not good at either one, but it was still fun.  I actually even had a fun time playing volleyball, which is saying something.  

Afterwards we went to someone's house where they grilled some fish (halibut and salmon).  It was SO good.  Probably the best halibut I've ever had (although I haven't had it too many times, still).  They had some fun backyard games to play and we also talked a lot.  I played washer pitching, which I'm also not good at (do you sense a theme here?) but still had a good time.  I did get better towards the end!  

All in all it was a wonderful Saturday.  I didn't get much done in a productive sense, but that's ok.  After all, I have to enjoy my Alaskan summer!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

San Fran and Five Iron Frenzy!

Those of you who know me probably know that I love music. More specifically, I'm crazy about Blindside and Five Iron Frenzy.  I got to to a Blindside show a couple years back but Five Iron was still broken up then.  I thought my dream would never come true.  BUT.  Oh yes, there's a but.

They got back together again!  They've been making new music and playing a few shows!  Last weekend they had a show in San Francisco!  I didn't know if I should do it, since it would involve buying an expensive plane ticket, but after talking to my mom and some friends I decided to go for it.  After all, this has been a life long dream.  To make matters even better, one of my good friends from Hong Kong lives there!

I didn't take too many pictures, but I took a couple.

Dim Sum and friends!  Anchorage is sorely lacking in the dim sum department.

Bubble tea!  That's something else Anchorage lacks.

Besides having wonderful dim sum and bubble tea, I also got to eat HK diner food and have...HK style milk tea!  It's SOOOOOO good.  Oh man, I wish there were some in town.  I also got to practice a bit of Canto, which clearly needs a lot of work.  But at least it was fun.

We got to the show right when the doors opened, and there weren't many people there at all!  I was told that San Franciscans tend to plan tons of stuff for one weekend so they can't afford to be early anywhere.  Works for me!  We got a spot on the front row, right in between Reese and Brad!  I literally couldn't have had a better spot.  

They put on SUCH a good show.  They were funny and had a nice rapport.  They joked with the crowd.  They even played pretty much all the songs I wanted them to.  I wondered if they would play "You Probably Shouldn't Move Here" since it's about why you should leave California and move to Colorado (facetiously, of course) but they did!  So happiness. 

This picture cracks me up.

Reese and his dancing.

The wonderful horn section!

I even got a great video, although the sound is crap.  Here it is if you'd like to watch it, but I suggest muting it.  It was of one of my favorites, American Kryptonite.

With that, bye bye!