Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hillbilly Flea Market

I have so much blog material at the moment, but not enough time to post it all! My computer, Yuri, is going to the doctor today. He's not really sick, but just needs some formatting help a.k.a. I'd like to be able to watch DVDs, and he's currently set to Asia so I can't. Well, that and some other stuff too. Anyway, I only have time for one post, and this one couldn't wait!

This weekend I went to the Hillbilly Flea Market with my roomie Katelyn! It's in West Siloam, the Oklahoma side, and I'd never been to it before. I was looking for a night stand but didn't have much success. I did end up buying a charm bracelet, though. I've never had one before, and this one had sweet charms like a ladder and a harmonica and a frying pan. Katelyn found a whole box of fabric that she's going to use in some art projects.

Katelyn. She's excited.

I am too. Like my new sunglasses?

Everyone was really friendly, and I struck up conversations with several of the vendors. Even though I didn't buy much, it was so much fun digging through the plethora of treasures lying around. If you're ever in Siloam on a Saturday or Sunday morning, you should go. Just do it.

Bargain hunters, shooting the breeze. I swear, I haven't ever heard such eloquent/involved conversations about the weather before.

I really love these fisherman mugs, but alas, we have no room in our cupboards.

Turkeys! They also had chickens and guineas.

Lots of random stuff.

A saddle.

It was a beautiful day.

Boots and lamps.

A pile of creepy dolls. And a troll! I love trolls.


  1. Some of the pictures scared me. Others made me laugh and clap my hands four times.

  2. I'm glad! Although I'm not sure which ones are scary...

  3. This is so exciting!!! Way to be adventurous, LK!!!

  4. I like how you love life and the small things like this:) It's an inspiration :)


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