Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Music Monday: Lullabies

I love lullabies. And I don't mean the "Rock-a-bye" lullabies, although they can be cool too. What I mean is the haunting, soft, sleepy melodies that just make you want to crawl under your green comforter and never come out. Unless your comforter is not green, in which case I would suggest you go shopping tomorrow to buy a new one. Everyone knows that green makes for the best comforters. Right?

But my tired mind digresses. I was thinking about lullabies because I'm tired. It's late. Since I don't have to stay up frantically writing papers or cramming for Greek tests, I won't require the services of Demon Hunter or Streetlight Manifesto. Now I'd rather have something to lull me to sleep.

A while back I was on a lullaby kick. I had great fun slowing down a ska or screamo song and singing it a capella to a couple of friends when they were going to bed. Some of those crazy songs actually make for some pretty sweet lullabies.

Unfortunately, I can't sing myself a lullaby. Not only would that be really lame, but I'd keep myself awake with singing. So who do I turn to? Annie Lennox's Into the West, of course! We all know it from Lord of the Rings, but it is one of my favorite goodnight songs. So soothing.

I was going to ask you guys what lullabies you guys like, but I think I'll be sleeping long before you answer. Feel free to do it anyway, though, if you want to. There's always tomorrow night.



  1. that is a good song. There's always mad world by gary jules too. can't think of any more at the moment since i'm going to work, not sleep. :)

  2. I would say the Bourne movies were my best lullaby. I know it's your favorite movies, but I guess the louder sounds make me fall asleep fast. Oh, curses on me! :-(


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