Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Music Monday: Run Joey Run

Confession: I got hooked on Glee last year. Sure, it's kind of a mix between High School Musical and a soap opera, but it's still very hookable. Besides incredibly ridiculous (yet hilarious) characters, it also has some fun musical numbers. And yes, I like musicals.

I was quite saddened to find that hulu.com doesn't work overseas. I use other sites to watch certain tv shows, but Glee isn't on any of them. My dad recently figured out that it does show on tv at certain times, but I hate starting a show in the middle of a season. I've decided to wait until I go back and then watch the whole season. Maybe even in one sitting (assuming I could stand all of that high school drama in one sitting).

I have watched a couple clips of some of the songs, and I really liked the Run Joey Run redo. It was totally over-the-top and hilarious. I especially love the end part where it shows the three different guys speed-walking down the misty corridor. Too funny.

I looked up the original song, and it was done by David Geddes. It was a US Top 5 hit in 1975. After listening to the original, I have to say that I like the Glee version WAY better. The guy's voice is ok, but I like the sound and emotion better in the Glee version. Also, as several netizens pointed out, the original girl sounds like a nine-year-old boy with a stuffy nose. Basically, she sounds like Justin Bieber. Someone even made a video of Justin "singing" this part.

But I'll let you guys decide for yourselves. Original or Glee-ified?



PS: It looks like the boy drama in this episode is ridiculous.
PPS: The actors playing Fin and Puck are WAY too old to be playing high schoolers.


  1. For some reason the second one stopped loading halfway through but even so, I agree that the Glee version is very much superior to the original. I just started (kind of) watching glee myself. It's pretty good.

  2. Oh no! But you should be able to watch it on hulu as well. They have all the song high-lights, as well as the episodes.


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