Monday, May 23, 2011

Music Monday: With Shivering Hearts We Wait

I am one happy camper. Not because I'm camping (I wish), but because I'm LOVING Blindside's new album. You might remember a previous MM post about Blindside. I was pretty psyched for the album, and now I'm just in a happy, blissful state. I thought I'd share some of the goodness with you guys! If you like the songs, buy the album and give Blindside some support!

Our Love Saves Us. I really like the music that goes with this song, but the lyrics are especially powerful. He's singing about his relationship with God, a typical Christian topic, but I love the depths of his lyrics. You can tell that he's had a long, sometimes hard, journey but he trusts God to carry him through. "Don't you worry; it's fine. Your hands not letting go of mine. If worse comes to worse, I'll hold tight even if it hurts. And now the ground is shaking; it's trying to tear us down. But we won't be forsaken because we know what we've found." Isn't it funny how music can somehow make words more meaningful?

Withering. Here's another gorgeous song. Props for the strings! To me, this song seems to be in a similar topical vein to their older song Pitiful. I could be wrong about the interpretation, but it seems that it's about a guy who feels like hiding from God. He knows that he's still God's child, but he feels like his sins are eating at him ("I know I'm still glorious but I'm withering like roses in the fire"). And the last part of the beautiful screaming portion, " hold my hand. I scream no. You stare right into my shame and but you stand your ground." Sigh. Feel free to add any other insights on the song.

Bring Out Your Dead. This is a great song to rock out to. While a lot of the album is softer than some of their previous offerings, this song hails back to their heavier past. There's not a ton of screaming, but each and every one is meaningful and adds to the song.

These are just three songs, but the whole album is truly delightful. I hope this post will motivate you to buy the album for yourself!

Now I just have to wait for them to go on tour!

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