Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Silence, Again

Sorry, again, for the long silence. And it might even be longer after this. Last time, my brother was visiting, and this time it's my sister. We've been having loads of fun (squid fishing, seeing pink dolphins, going to markets, etc.) but of course that leaves me less time. Which is ok!

The point is that I should have many exciting posts in the future, full of pictures and fun. That's the other problem that I've been dealing with. Since I switched over to a Mac, I've had trouble posting pictures on Blogger. I had a bunch of lovely ones to go with my fairy tales post, and for some reason it wouldn't let me post them. BUT, we can all rejoice because I finally figured out how to fix the problem. If you have the time, wander back over to my fairy tales post and you can enjoy the beautiful pictures I was originally trying to post.

Hopefully I'll start posting more wonderful things. But don't expect me back full-force too soon. My sister will still be here for another week, and then I'm going to TAIWAN! I'm very excited.

Here's a teaser picture for you guys, showing what's to come!


  1. you cruel, cruel woman...only leaving us a teaser photo.
    yay for sisters visiting! looks like you are having a wonderful time!


  2. I am now catching up with your news on Blog and glad to see pictures of you, your sister and Lillian~

  3. wait- when did you switch to a mac?

  4. I switched to a Mac recently! Sergei died (cue sad music) and Dad saw a used Mac on the internet for a good price, so I got that one! His name is Yuri.

  5. how do you go squid fishing?

  6. You go out in a boat at night and shine lights over the side. The squid are attracted by lights. My theory is that they are the moths of the sea. We have these hooks/barbs on a line and we just put it over the side, pulling it up and down. When the squid come (when...), you just snag them and pull them up, being careful to let them expel their ink IN the water.


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