Friday, May 6, 2011

Travel Bug Bites

I've always been interested in travel, but living over here sure has made me more attuned to it. I'm always thinking about how cool it would be to learn Spanish in Nicaragua or travel through China. I look into being an au pair. I look up ticket prices to random countries even though I have no time (or money) to actually go there.

I guess I've been bit by the travel bug.

It is true that it's much easier to travel in my current location. The nice thing about coming here is that it's opened my eyes to the many possibilities there are for global travel. Why not, right? I've already been able to see South Korea, Thailand (well, Bangkok), Macau (does that count?), and Cambodia. I'm going to Taiwan in June. And there are still SO many places I'd like to see! I guess it's good that I have a long life ahead of me (knock on wood).

I've begun reading several travel blogs and reading lots of articles about travel. They not only allow me to live vicariously through the authors, but also help me plan/dream for the future and learn about other places. When I read these blogs and sites, I'm always reminded what a travel noob I am! Sure, I've been to some places and know some things, but there are so many other places to go and things to learn!

Some of you also might enjoy perusing these sites. I read random articles from many sites, but I regularly read two blogs: Wandering Earl and Migrationology. Both sites are written by guys that have the goal of being permanent nomads. They don't want to have a home address; they want to continue traveling forever with short stays in certain countries before moving on to other places.

I came across Wandering Earl's site not too long ago, but I'm already a faithful reader. He has so many useful articles! One of his most recent ones was about his method for carrying money around. Anyone who has traveled anywhere knows that that is a constant concern. I also enjoyed his tips on getting cheap airline tickets. His articles are not only informative but also filled with amusing anecdotes.

I've followed Migrationology since last summer, and the Mark never disappoints. He's lived in many places across the world and is always writing about them. Food is one of his favorite things, so a good portion of his blog is related to him eating things. He currently lives in Thailand, and he has a vast collection of articles on the wonders of Thai food. He also makes some entertaining videos about his travels (and meals) which can be found either on his site or on Youtube. I always enjoy his videos, pictures, and interesting writing style.

Finally, I just came across a useful site called BootsnAll. You can use it to book flights and hostels (which I haven't done before) and read articles (which I do). I find some of their articles to be extremely informative, like their breakdown of how much money travel actually costs. Some are more amusing like the 10 Backpacker Stereotypes. Americans are apparently loud and "depending on the type, great for partying the night away or discussing the meaning of life." Haha, I can't say that I disagree.

Whether you're planning a trip or aspiring to be an armchair traveler, I hope you enjoy these sites as much as I do.

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