Sunday, April 3, 2011

Weekend Fun: Sotheby's, Mexican Food, Prince Edward, Etc.

I had such an interesting yet slightly tiring weekend.

Friday night was youth group as usual. We've recently started playing the game Signs, which is pretty awesome. My sign is the double thumbs up. USA represent! After youth, I went out for sushi with Lillian and Josh. They have these fun conveyor belts that rotate with plates of sushi on them. You can pick one off the conveyor belt if you want to, but they're mainly just for show; you probably should order a fresh one.

Saturday was work, of course, but I met up with Alvin afterwards at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center (Centre, I suppose). The Sotheby's auction house is having an ongoing auction in Hong Kong, and you can go view the things they are auctioning off. Can I say nice? Like, really nice? Like, millions of dollars for just one item.

They had several original Picasso's, as well as a Monet and a Manet. Whew. They also had all these antique Chinese ceramics and old Chinese art and modern Chinese art and jewelry and wine. They also had coffee, and the coffee was free!

We had worked up quite a hunger when the place closed so we headed over to Central to eat dinner. I've been wanting to go to Taco Loco for a long time, since I'm always craving Mexican food. When we got there, there were no empty seats! Instead of turning us away or making us wait, the staff ushered us next door into a diner/deli type restaurant. Kind of funny, but it works! The food was decent, but nothing to write home about. But of course the price was decent too, so no complaints here.

Today (Sunday), I went to church as usual. We heard some exciting news today! My church, Community Church Hong Kong, will be moving to Sheung Wan! The location we're at now is kind of out of the way. The church would prefer to be more in the heart of the city in order to be more effective in outreach. It's pretty exciting, but now I'll have to figure out a new transportation route. :)

After the service I went to lunch with Damien and Tiff. It was really fun to talk with them and get to know them better. The Japanese food was pretty good too. :) We finished lunch around two, and I had told Lillian that I would meet her at three thirty, so I decided to wait for her at a local coffee-shop. I brought along a book to read and enjoyed some quiet time at the Bonfire Cafe.

Lillian came and picked me up from the cafe, and we headed over to Prince Edward for some shopping fun. We both wanted to buy some shoes, but that didn't really happen. On the bright side, I did get some pretty sweet clothes. Since the weather is starting to warm up, I need some short-sleeved clothes I can wear to work. My work is pretty casual, but I still think I should be a step above my "Freaking Hosses" t-shirt.

I'm sad that I forgot my camera; Prince Edward is a crazy place! I finally bought an ice cream from a Mobile Smoothie (smoothie?) truck. I've been bummed about missing out on getting ice cream truck ice cream before leaving the States, so this kind of makes up for it. Kind of. The market was super crowded, and there are people selling all kinds of things from clothes to wallets to underwear to flowers. There's all sorts of outlet/sample shops so I got some pretty good deals. It did take a lot of hunting, though. Both Lillian and I were pretty tired so we ended up nixing the shoe-shopping in favor of eating dinner at a noodle shop. I even had a refreshing coconut drink afterwards. It was nice.

Maybe in a later post I'll show off some of my new clothes. Crazy, but my style is getting slightly more Asian. I'm even beginning to like the oversized shirts! But I don't want to go too crazy. If I ever show up wearing furry Clydesdale boots, dump pants, bling-bling jewelry and a HelloKitty purse, please shoot me.

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  1. SO I just came to visit your blog (you stopped by mine at and I realized that you live in Hong Kong. My husband and I are going to be in Asia (vietnam, thailand, china) in the fall sometime and I would love to get some tips and must sees from you. Feel free to stop by my blog or email me at I think what you're doing is brave and amazing!


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