Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Music Monday: The Brothers Bloom

Man, I am tired. So tired. Today was a public holiday, the day you go visit your ancestor's graves. My parents and I decided to go hiking instead. The night before I had gone to an AMAZING dinner at some church friend's house. Seriously, the food was spectacular. We had: pita with hummus, pita with pate, mushroom soup, salad with duck breast and cranberries and almonds, steak, salmon steak encrusted with garlic and wasabi, lasagna, cupcakes, molten chocolate cake with coconut sorbet, and coffee. Words can't even describe how good that was and how FULL I was. Afterwards we played games and hung out. Good times with good friends.

Since I had such a great time the night before (and coffee), I stayed up pretty late and was really tired when I got up this morning. I tried to get some stuff done before we left, and we headed out the door around eleven. It was a very nice hike, but I'll tell you more about that in another post, when I can show you pictures too.

We didn't get back until after six, and we were very tired. We took turns taking showers, ate dinner, and then watched The Brothers Bloom. Have any of you seen that movie? I had watched it before, and I enjoyed re-watching it. It's a different kind of movie; it's not so flashy and action-packed as most movies these days, but it's sweet and interesting. The story is about two brothers who become career con-men and are trying to do their last, greatest con. Here's a trailer, for those of you who haven't seen the film. Hopefully it will make you want to watch it.

I really love the music from this movie. They do a great job of taking one theme and developing it as the scenes progress. Here's the original, Penelope's Theme. It's simple and beautiful.

Here is Meeting Penelope, where they begin developing it a bit.

Brothers in a One Hat Town is much more upbeat but with a similar feel as the others. It also incorporates a smidge of the original theme.

Finally, there's the credit's song, The Fabulist. This is a totally different style than the rest of the movie. It's more of an indie, shoe-gazer song, but it definitely fits with the rest of the music.

These songs all would be perfect playing in the background during a gardening time or a writing session or a wine and cheese party. Or maybe when you're writing your own perfect con.

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