Saturday, April 23, 2011


Now I know what it means
to have a heart overflowing
to be so full of joy
that you want to scream it to the world,
collapsing with a raw-throat and a smile
because the joy doesn't die with your voice

It's seeing friends
who grow in faith like a lush, green vine
who cry after God with longing eyes and shivering hearts
who cling to the truth like it's their only plank in an empty sea
to see boys become men and men become servants.

But the most beautiful thing
that brings tears to my often dry eyes
is a soul so alive in God's love
that they daily delight in
pouring themselves out like a drink
a glad sacrifice
that those in the dark may see
the Father of Lights
that those sick of eating ash may find
the Bread of Life
that those whose hearts are ice may feel
the Consuming Fire.

The singer was right that all we need is love
but not the pale, flimsy, small-l love
but the vibrant, fiery big-L Love
that's more ancient than the Babylonians
and will outlast us and time.


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