Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Music Monday: Anberlin in HK

This Saturday night was pretty exciting because I got to go to another concert! I don't listen to Anberlin much (they're a bit soft for me) but I still had a great time at their concert. Anyway, I figured that I should support them for coming all the way across the puddle. I hope more bands will follow their example. :)

I was worried because the crowd was dead during the opening bands, but they picked up when Anberlin came on. Overall, it was a great night. I got sufficiently sweaty, tired, and bruised. In fact, I have a five-inch welt/bruise on my arm from someone's watch. You'd think they'd take their watch off before jumping in, but oh well.

Maybe you guys would enjoy Anberlin. Check it out!

Godspeed. It's an old song, but one of their most popular ones.

The Resistance. This one was really nice live!

Fin. This one's softer than the others.

BONUS: Blindside just put out an explanation video talking about their new album as well as answering questions like why they dropped off of the face of the planet. Take a look, if you feel so inclined.

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  1. My favorites of Anberlin are "Dismantle.Repair" & "Breathe" super good. There's a few others. Their lyric content is awesome!


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