Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Music Monday: Alt Worship Music

Some of you might know that I'm not usually a huge fan of worship music. It's not the worship part that I don't like, but usually the music part. Now if I'm in church or just singing with people than it's not a big deal; I can focus on the words and it's fine. But if I'm by myself I definitely don't want to listen to most worship artists. Even if I like the song itself, the syrupy voices and choirs and the tamborines are not exactly my thing.

So here I'll give you a snapshot of the kind of worship I do like. Maybe you'll like all of or none of it or some of it. That's ok, either way. I suppose the important thing is the worship itself, not the kind of music you're listening to.

There are some songs by regular worship artists that I enjoy. I really like Todd Agnew's Grace Like Rain. The first time I heard it the guy played it in a minor key, which was nice. I like Todd's few-frills approach and his take on an old classic. I also like his voice which can be both quiet and intense.

I also really like All the Heavens by Third Day. It's a nice, quiet song with great lyrics and a powerful chorus.
Waterdeep is also a worship band, but their sound is way different from a lot of the other, older worship bands. I find a couple of their songs splendid, like Since I Am So Sick. This is just some random guy singing it, but he does a good job.

Another kind of music that I really like is hymns. Not all hymns, mind you. Some of the hymns I look at in the hymnbook I find boring and I wonder about their lyrics. BUT, there are many awesome, awesome hymns that have great lyrics and music. I usually have to search awhile before I find an artist that sings it the way I like, and I've discovered that I usually end up with Fernando Ortega. Not only is his music simple and beautiful, but he seems to always pick the hymns that I like!
Come Ye Sinners (I Will Arise and Go to Jesus). I couldn't find Fernando's version on Youtube, so you could maybe find it on grooveshark or another site. This, done by another lady, is a decent version and lets you know what the tune is like, since there are two different versions out there.
What Wondrous Love is This. I also couldn't find the Fernando version for this one either, but here's a really pretty one by Michelle Tumes.
If I Flee on Morning Wings. This is a Fernando original that I couldn't find at all on Youtube, so you'll just have to turn to grooveshark for that one. This is short and simple, a version of Psalm 139. Check it out.
I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say. This is another song that I couldn't find an acceptable version on youtube, but it's worth checking out. I usually listen to the Michael Card version, which is a bit fast but still nice.
In Christ Alone. This is an old favorite, but I thought you might enjoy the Owl City version, if you haven't heard it before. He puts a fun twist on it.

But let's move away from hymns to some ska worship. As you probably know already, I LOVE the long deceased Five Iron Frenzy. I still think they wrote the most awesome, convicting lyrics of any band out there.
Everywhere I Go. I shared this song with you guys this summer, for those of you who were reading back then. It's a great reminder that God will always be with you and to look to him for your fulfillment.
Burn. This is a simple, passionate prayer.
On Distant Shores. This is one of their last songs that talks about struggle, mercy, and our hope of heaven. This one actually has lyrics with the video!

Finally, metalcore worship! This is the section that some of you might want to opt out on. Still, I love the passion and intensity that comes with screaming. You could always try it.
How Great Thou Art by Becoming the Archetype. Maybe I should have put this in the hymns section, but then some of you might have accidentally listened to something you wouldn't have enjoyed! Safer putting it here. :) I posted this during my Becoming the Archetype post, but I'll post it again. This one even has some (funny) lyrics for those of you who want to become fluent in screamo. A wonderful version of an old hymn.
Then there's Heart of a Warrior by War of Ages. In this song, the singer begs God to help him battle his pride and bring him back to God.
Some of you might have heard of this, Brian Welch's Save Me From Myself. This one isn't necessarily a worship song (and it isn't really metalcore either), but it's a raw, desperate prayer. It's about a man who's sunk to the bottom and is crying out for God to pull him up. I find the chorus really touching.
Redemption by August Burns Red. This one is an honest and passionate prayer for God's help.

Well, that's all I've got for today. What about you guys? Do you have any alternative worship songs that you enjoy?


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  2. thank you for sharing, LK, I was actually wondering if there are any really good worship songs out there... cuz I just listen to the ones from worship and the small collection I have... I have now started listening to the radio. Surprisingly, Dallas has several good Christian radio stations... with ads about natural detox weight-lose.

  3. One of my favorite hymns is "I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say", but I haven't heard a good recording of it in the style I first heard it. I first heard it with a violin, a cajon, a mandolin, a guitar, a cello, and an Irish style melody/vocals at JBU. No recording out there like that for this song which makes me sad. It's probably my favorite worship song.

    Worship music has trouble making detailed musical pieces. Almost every song is "G C D" or "C#m B A". They do that so that more beginning musicians can join in playing quicker. But it takes away from the art of the music, and the art is more in the words. But even when the emphasis is more in the words, sometimes the words aren't that good either. Contemporary Worship Music has a lot of mistakes all the way around.


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