Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hannah's HK Visit

Now I'm finally getting to a post about Hannah's visit! This is WAY overdue, but I just finished with my Cambodia stuff. Sigh.

A couple weeks back, Hannah, one of my best friends, came to visit me in Hong Kong! Yep, she came all that way just to visit me! I certainly felt special. She stayed a little over a week, and we had many fun times while she was here. Not only did I get to show her around Hong Kong, but we had some awesome catch-up/hang out time.

The first Sunday she was here, my off day, I we were planning to go to Cheung Chau (Island). Unfortunately, it was raining! So instead we ate at a Thai place and wandered the city, riding the MTR and tram.

Monday was Valentine's Day! I had a break in the afternoon, so I could go with Hannah to the Zambra Cafe, a coffee shop in Wan Chai. We had a great time talking about the future and our many dreams.

So happy! See my t-shirt? I got it in Thailand from the t-shirt lady!

My mocha even had a heart in it for V-day.

That night we met up with Lillian and Josh for some hotpot. It's a very popular winter-time dinner in Hong Kong. You basically order lots and lots of raw food and then boil it in a pot that sits in the middle of the table. It was my first hotpot ever! I've decided that I'm a fan.

I'm sure you can guess how I mis-pronounced this.

Lillian and Josh. He doesn't look so excited. But aren't the plates of food BEAUTIFUL?

Lillian, adding vegetables to the pot.

You can see all the steam from the table over. Also, notice the plate with corn and clams.

One night (Friday?) we decided to ride the Escalators. It's the longest system of escalators in the world, and there are restaurants and clubs and bars all along it. It's a very exciting place. We got some dessert at Ivan the Kozack, a Russian-Ukrainian restaurant. The ambiance there is lovely.

Us with Ivan.

Another night we went to the Hong Kong light show. To get there, you take a ferry across the harbor to the viewing area. I didn't get any pictures of the actual light show which spans most of the skyline. Near the viewing area they had a display of lanterns that were really cute!

The entrance.

The pictures kept turning out blurry because I wasn't using a flash.

View of the skyline from the ferry-ride back.

On Sunday we went to church and then went to dim sum. My friend Alvin was able to join us, which was really fun. Besides that, he speaks Canto so he could order! The food was really good, as usual.

Hannah and the steamed pork buns.

After filling up on dim sum, we took a ferry to Cheung Chau, an outlying island. We're so glad we waited and didn't go in the rain! It was a little overcast and chilly, but still beautiful. We had fun wandering around, checking out the shops, and enjoying a seafood dinner before heading back home.

The beach.

Hannah went back to the States the next day. We had so much fun, and I'm so glad she could come. Love you, Hannah!


  1. It was a great trip Laura! I'm so glad I got come. Say Hi to everybody for me! And drink some milk tea too. I only have one packet left... Love you too!

  2. looks like you guys had fun! cool!

  3. what beautiful scenery! so glad you all had time together : )


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