Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Music Monday: Brave Saint Saturn

Even before listening to Brave Saint Saturn, I considered it a quality band. That probably had something to do with the fact that its frontman is Reese Roper, the former lead singer of my beloved Five Iron Frenzy. According to my good friend Wiki, Roper felt that some of his lyrics were too dark for the mostly light-hearted FIF. Brave Saint Saturn gives him another place to share more of his struggles. BS2 has a whole story about a space journey that spans all three of their albums. They use lots of symbolism (yeah for English majors!) and tackle themes like loneliness and heartache and self-sacrifice.

Musically, I have mixed feelings about them. I'm always intrigued by their offerings. They use the traditional guitars and drums and stuff, but also speaking parts, robot voices and electronic goodness. Some of their songs I absolutely LOVE. I can listen to "Titan," "Heart Still Beats," " and "Starling" for hours. Even little parts of songs affect me. I'm always moved by the music at 2:25 of "Titan," although I couldn't quite tell you why. It's soul-stirring. There's also "Blessed be the Landmines." I absolutely adore how they've built the bridge, transitioning from the more mellow verse into the more intense chorus. The background guitar whirring is amazing.

Other songs of theirs are just ok to me. Songs like "Daylight" are nice, but musically not as exciting to me. Other songs I don't care for at all; musically boring, I suppose. But then again, I know that a lot of you have vastly different tastes than me. Maybe you should avoid the songs I like and listen to the rest!

On both musical and lyrical merit, I think Brave Saint is worth a listen. So here you go!

Starling. Quite sad.

Enamel. Here's a nice, feisty breakup song which is deceptively upbeat.

Blesssed are the Landmines.

Titan. I apologize for the video but I couldn't find any others. Unless you like Final Fantasy, in which case, enjoy!

P.S. If anyone in BS2 reads this, you should come out with another album! Please?

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  1. don't forget "Invictus", amazing song! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SqY6XRI-icU


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