Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Best of HK 2: Transportation

I haven't driven a car once since may. And other than a taxi, I've only ridden in a car maybe three times. While I miss driving a little bit, I'm definitely glad I don't have to drive in this city. That would be a terror! Since they drive on the left, I could totally see myself veering into the wrong lane and having a head-on. Also, I hate city driving. Too much aggression and headache for too little fun, not to mention how hard it is to find a parking spot.

Hong Kong has an awesome transportation system. The MTR, their subway system, runs all over. I only ride the MTR a couple of times a week since it hasn't come to Ap Lei Chau yet. It should be there in about five years, but I somehow doubt I'll be there at that point. Since we have no MTR, I usually take a minibus or a big bus.

Minibuses are quite fun, although sometimes terrifying. There's one that goes to Causeway Bay (a main drag on Hong Kong Island), so I always hop one to work. You actually have to yell at the driver to tell him where to stop. You also can flag him down on the street, which you can't do with big buses. Big buses are also fun. They're double-deckers, and I like sitting in the front. They always get SO close to the other buses that you think they're going to crash, but they never do.

The tram (trolley, for you Americans) is also a cheap, fun option. It has open windows so it gets quite breezy. I really enjoy riding it at night. Also, there's ferries and sampans. The ferries will take you across the harbor to the Kowloon side or to outlying islands. I ride sampans (little boats) to get across the Aberdeen Harbor to get to Aberdeen.

Another nice thing about public transportation is that it forces me to walk so I get lots of exercise. In the States if I'm going to meet a friend, I drive to their house, park in the front and walk to the door. Then I walk back to my car and get in. Here, the bus stops or MTR stations are usually a ways away from where I'm going so I have to walk. Although it takes more planning, I am grateful for the forced exercise. I've already lost ten pounds!

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  1. public transportation is way better than cars! I love the CTA (Chicago Transit Authority). they have such a great system. I would love to live in a city where all I needed to do was walk or use public transportation. While cars have some enjoyment, it is fairly small in comparison. Enjoy the MTR!


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