Friday, July 9, 2010


I felt like a boiled vegetable today.

Well, I actually felt like a steamed vegetable, since I wasn't swimming in boiling water. But I did feel like I was being cooked with lots of humid air. It was so hot and humid today! It was like a warm washcloth was plastered over my face. Go to your closet, get out a washcloth, dip it in warm water, plaster it to your face, and try to breath. See? Was that easy? Now you know what I feel like.

So what induced me to venture out into the fearsome heat? Nathan, again. Since he's here, we've been doing fun things, of course. This morning we changed things up a little by babysitting for a Bible-study Mom's in. It was pretty fun. Lots of rambunctious preschoolers! One little boy asked me how old I was. When I told him to guess, he told me I had to be at least six. At least, at least...

After that we ate lunch at an awesome Japanese restaurant! They cook the food right in front of you on these hot grills. Mom and I had a combination meal of lamb, chicken, shrimp, and squid. It was so delicious! And super hot.

Here's the shrimp and squid. Sorry it's blurry; we're having camera issues.

And here's the bean sprouts and lamb. Someone else's fish is cooking in the background.

After lunch, we tried to visit the Coastal Defense Museum. After taking a tram (what we would call a trolley) for quite a ways and then walking forever in the heat to get there, we found out that the museum is closed on Thursdays. That's always fun. We walked back to the tram, pausing to take pictures and peek into a temple.

After we got back to the mall where the Japanese restaurant was, we went to the St. Alp's Tea Shop. It was so awesome! I am addicted to icy drinks. In fact, I'm going to be keeping a blender in my room because there's not enough room in the kitchen. I think it's worth it because of all the money I will save by making my own smoothies. In Thailand, they were fifty cents each, so I had one almost every day. Here, they're three to five (US) dollars each.

St. Alp's is on the cheaper end (at least cheaper than Starbucks frapps), so we were glad. That place is amazing! They have so many kinds of iced drinks! It took us at least ten minutes to decide on our drinks, and none of us got tea at all! I ended up getting a double chocolate sorbie, Nathan got an iced cappuccino drink complete with coffee jellies in the bottom, and Mom got a chocolate-blueberry sorbie.

Aren't they beautiful? You can tell that Nathan and I got our drinks before Mom did.

I plan to post some pictures soon to give you an idea of what Hong Kong looks like. We took a bunch of pictures in a market and out the window of our tram today, so that should give you an idea. Stay tuned.

Side note: I did finally get pics of my lucky octopus shirt up, so if you feel the need to see it, just go to my "Yeah, Rocks" post. Also, a picture of the Big Buddha in "The Bad Pilgrim."

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