Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Nathan left yesterday morning. I did not accompany him to the airport. I mean, I'd have to get up at five thirty and pay ten dollars for the bus ride. Anyway, he didn't get up when I left. :)

Sunday we visited a church called Island Evangelical Christian Church. I'm usually put off by churches like that. It's very large (three services on two floors), lots of tv monitors, general (bland) music, etc. It's not that I'm against such churches, but they're just not me. I was surprised to find that I liked it. They seem to be doing a lot right.

They have a huge missions focus, which is great. They were sending a forty-person team to Uganda that day, and three other teams are going other places throughout the summer. They also have a ton of small groups, Bible studies, discipleship programs, etc. They also have outreach ministries for Indonesians, Cantonese-speakers (most Chinese here), Philippinos, low-income teens, etc. It's pretty awesome. Besides, they had good coffee!

We'll see, though, because there are other churches to visit as well. I do want to be where I fit and where God wants me. I think next week I'll probably go to my parents' church again and then start searching after that.

After church we ate at a Moss burger! It's a Japanese burger chain that's pretty good. I had their Moss cheese-burger.

It doesn't taste like any other burger I've ever eaten, but it's certainly delicious. The saucy stuff is kind of sweet, and the white stuff also has a unique flavor. Pretty good, pretty good.

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