Monday, December 3, 2012

Yukon Ho!

This title is a bit of a lie.  I probably should've written this post a week ago, but I didn't have much time during all the moving craziness, and now I just can't resist this Calvin and Hobbes reference.  Basically, I'm in Anchorage now!  Yep, I've moved to Alaska.

My brother got transferred to Anchorage with his job and he asked if I wanted to come along.  I've wanted to live in Alaska since high school, so I said of course!  And now I'm here.

The last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of crazy.  I had Thanksgiving at my sister's in Siloam, and my brother and a roommate were able to join us.  The next morning (at 6:09) my flight left XNA for Seattle!  I was pretty excited to fly out of XNA, since I always fly out of Tulsa.  I liked the rocking chairs.  I was able to rock and zone out while waiting for my flight.  I did a lot of zoning, since I had gone to bed at one the night before and gotten up at three.  My time in Seattle was quite wonderful!  I'll have to write a post about it later when I can get my picture software sorted out (curse you Apple!).

I was there three days, waiting for Nathan to pick me up.  He and three friends road-tripped up to Seattle, where they picked me up.  Two of them flew back to Tulsa while Nathan, I and one other friend kept going up through Canada.  Yes, we drove through British Columbia and the Yukon in late November/early December.  Yukon ho!

Well, on the bright side, we're alive!  We just made it to Anchorage this afternoon.  I have lots of pictures and stories to share but that'll have to come at a later time.  The sun is setting around four, so I get tired early.  Good night!

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