Tuesday, December 11, 2012

First Week

It's been a week since I arrived in Anchorage, chilly but happy.  The first thing we did, after dumping our stuff at Nathan's apartment, was head over to Moose's Tooth, a local pizza joint.  The pizza was fantastic, a great way to celebrate the end of our long trip.

The next day, I decided to explore the downtown area.  Nathan had run home on his lunch hour and kindly agreed to drop me off right in front of the visitor's center which so happens to be in a log cabin with grass growing on the roof.  Two nice elderly ladies helped me with maps and information about weather.  I walked around the streets for awhile, ducking into gift-shops now and then to warm up.  While it wasn't nearly as cold as Tok (-45!), Anchorage's 15F weather was still making me chilly.  After all, Arkansas had done nothing to prepare me for the cold--it was 73F on Thanksgiving Day!

I spent quite awhile at the second visitors center, or whatever it is, a small museum that also shows short movies about Alaska and Anchorage.  I watched two of them, one about the history of Alaska and another about different cultures in Sitka.  The workers there were very friendly, talking to me for quite awhile.  One man told me that in the spring, April I think, the raptors and eagles will come back, forming a giant flock.  He told me a place to go and watch, and I think I will!  Something to look forward to.

I walked around some more, stopping by the mall and in various shops, and decided that I needed a warming drink.  I chose a small cafe to get a latte and read some of the visitor center brochures.  After that, the sun was setting so I decided it was about time to catch the bus home.  I found the bus station with no problem but had to wait a half an hour for my bus.  It seems that most of the people here yell "thank you" to the bus driver as they get off.  I kind of like that.  :)

I visited the public library later in the week.  It's on the same bus route that takes me downtown, so it's very convenient.  I really like that library!  It has four levels with lots of seating and windows.  The selection seems quite grand as well!  They have a cafe on the ground level.  I asked if they were hiring, and the lady told me to drop off an application, which I later did.

So now I'm just searching for jobs!  I've sent off many applications and have had one interview already.  Since I haven't gotten a car yet, I two times I've had to walk about four miles to get there and back.  I think that it will help me acclimate, since it was 5F at the time.  The first time I wore regular leggings under my jeans, and my legs were so cold!  Also, I had on a hoodie.  The hood kept my ears and head nice and warm but then I didn't have a scarf, so the bottom of my face froze!  The next time I wore my flannel-lined leggings and wore a hat and scarf instead of a hoodie.  I could wrap the scarf around the bottom of my face which kept it warm, although then my breath did make a bit of ice on the scarf.  The second time I was pretty warm, so I think it was a success!  I also found a pretty nice thrift store that's only a mile away.  I bought a sweater, a sweatshirt, and a book.  I should probably get more winter clothes!

We're staying at one of my brother's friend's house since our stuff is being shipped and hasn't arrived.  We're hoping that it will come in this week so I can get to rearranging and the like.  Well, lots to do, but I'm enjoying my first week in Anchorage.


  1. Thanks for the update, Laura! Yes, get some more winter clothes. We can't have you freezing to death. Didn't you want to die a more dramatic death? ;)
    I hope the job search is fruitful!

  2. Girl, you are a real example of wanderlust. Hope you stay warm!


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