Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Across the Puddle

Yesterday was Thanksgiving, as many of you know. Of course, we don't get the day off, but I did manage to celebrate anyway.

Several English-speaking churches across the city put together a Thanksgiving service. It was at noon at St. John's cathedral, an Anglican church in Central. Wow, that was quite the building. They had huge vaulted ceilings, beautiful stained glass, dark wood. The benches were pretty awful, though. The stuck out at the top, so the only part of your back that would touch the bench was right under your shoulder blades. I don't think that promotes good posture.

It was a nice, very formal, service. They had a guy with a big silver stick who would walk around and escort the different speakers to the altar to speak. One of my pastors, Pastor Steve, gave the main message, and different pastors read scripture or prayed prayers. The US consulate even came and read us the Thanksgiving proclamation from Barack Obama.

After the service, we had refreshments outside. The food was very good, but not terribly traditional. We had egg salad and minced turkey sandwiches, fried potato fritters, quiche, mini pumpkin and pecan/cranberry pies, and orange juice. Very delicious. I smuggled two pies out so that I could give them to one of my coworkers. She had never tried pumpkin pie and wanted to.

Here's some pictures from after the service with my friends Dulcina and Josh.

I had to work at two, so I rushed away from the service. I made it there just in time. I had to work until nine, but I wished all of my coworkers happy Thanksgiving, and I told all of my students about the holiday. Not quite the celebration I'm used to, but nice, none the less.

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