Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Music Monday: Children 18:3

Yeah, yeah, it's not Monday anymore. Well actually, for most of you, it IS Monday. So I suppose it's still ok. I was just so tired last night that I couldn't bring myself to do anything. I worked all day and then came home to tutor a private, then hung out with the parents, then worked on a lesson plan for a couple hours. Whew, I was tired. So enough with my excuses. Back to the regularly scheduled program.

Children 18:3 is another one of my favorite bands. They're punk, but not your typical punk. I'd say they're almost a punk/alt rock mix. But enough with classifications.

I really love their music. As with House of Heroes, they make incredibly intense songs without screaming. They are a bit rougher, a bit more raw-sounding than House of Heroes, but I enjoy that. They also have a nice mixture of songs. In their newest album, they even have a song that sounds like it's performed on an old player piano (The Last Laugh). There are a couple songs that are a bit too major/happy-sounding for my taste, but maybe that would mean some of you would like it.

One of my favorites, both musically and lyrically, is Even Sleeping. It's super intense! It's about someone whose friend got in a car accident. They're with their friend, begging them to stay. The chorus goes, "Oh, what would it take to keep you here in my arms bleeding. Oh, what would it take; is it so much to just start breathing? Stay with me, even sleeping." So sad!

Last year I totalled my car (poor Sophia) on the way to a Children 18:3/Project 86 concert. None of us were hurt, thank goodness, so my brother picked us up and drove us the rest of the way to the concert. Also unfortunately, Children 18:3 were just finishing up when we arrived. No!!!!!! It's a little ironic that I was most excited about hearing them play a song about a car wreck and then I wrecked my car on the way there. Hm.

While some of their lyrics and topics are undeniably awesome, others I go back and forth about. For example, I LOVE the music to their song "Oh, Bravo." The topic is about a little girl at a talent show. She feels bad that everyone else is doing better than her, and her dad comes and comforts her. I do like the lyrics, but I LOVE the music so much that I almost wish the lyrics were about something wonderfully profound or something. I feel that way about a couple of songs, like one about Bourne Identity (LCM) and Cruella Deville (The Cruel One). At the same time, I guess it's pretty cool that they can write songs about simple things. Why can't you write a song about a movie? So I haven't decided yet. Do any of you have an opinion?

I've been having trouble copying links into my posts (hence no links last Monday) but I finally figured out how to do it! Unfortunately, I still haven't figured out how to make them clickable, so you'll have to copy and paste them into your address bar. Sorry.

Anyway, here's some to try, if you want to. These are some of their more intense songs, so if you don't like them you could always try others. Enjoy!
P.S. I'm not responsible for any of the cheesy videos.

Even Sleeping

Oh Bravo

Homemade Valentine (in the perspective of the disciples after Jesus died)

Ok, I'm done.

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