Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Ankle Sock Controversy

On Sundays after church, I've been going out to eat with some of the other church people. Sometimes it's with a group of thirty-somethings who first talked to me when I visited and sometimes it's with two twenty-somethings that I met later. Last Sunday, two guys from the first group (Daniel and Adrian) invited me and Lisa (from the second group) to lunch. So we went.

We ended up at a Thai restaurant that had some delicious green curry. :) We all ate and talked, just like any old lunch. Lisa and I were talking about KevJumba videos, and I mentioned when he was in Sweden on the Amazing Race and had to walk through snow. His feet were freezing and he said, "Ankle socks are cool; that's why I wore them."

Lisa and I were laughing when Daniel interjected by saying "Ankle socks are so gay-looking! Why would anyone where them?" So we get into this, I kid you not, half-an-hour argument over whether ankle socks are cool or not.

Daniel and Adrian kept saying that guys should wear real socks, and Lisa and I were saying that they were real socks. We told them that they really are cool and even athletes where them, but I don't think they listened to us. We said you don't want to wear grandpa or dad socks, do you?

Anyway, I suppose it's just the generation gap. Lisa and I like to talk about YouTube and think ankle socks are cool. I'm sure when we're in our thirties we'll disagree with those funny twenty-somethings.

But seriously, who would have thought that ankle socks were so controversial?


  1. what did they think of toe socks?

  2. Good question. Although I'm almost afraid to ask.

  3. I think that socks are socks. Who cares what they look like? But then I am one who has occasionally been known to wear socks and sandals so my opinion may be void. :)

  4. I heart ankle socks. they are so cool, except for knee high argyle socks. those are the bomb diggety.


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