Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Music Monday: Fail!

I totally forgot to do my Music Monday post. In fact, I even forgot it was Monday, so I basically fail.

Anyway, I'll talk about a little something besides my failure. Some of you should be proud of me because I now have an "Eclectic Folk" playlist on my grooveshark account. It is a very short playlist at the moment (although longer than my electronica playlist, for which I am very ashamed) but we'll see how it will grow.

So far I just have two songs from The Decembrists, one from Mumford and Sons, and four by Laura Veirs. I usually try not to be so imbalanced, but I really like Laura Veirs. My favorite song from her is Cast a Hook In Me. It's kind of dreamy and talks about a merman, so what's not to love? See, I do like some folk. I just like it to be minor and somewhat melancholy sounding.

Any suggestions for expanding my playlist?


  1. I like soundtracks and film scores, as you know. They have one to fit every mood! My question is: do you play music to fit a preexisting mood, or do you play music to create a new one? I've discovered people often fall into one or the other category--and, sometimes, both.

  2. i think i mainly play music to fit my pre-existing mood. the only exception i can think of is if i need some pump-up music for playing a sport or working out.

  3. I'm the same as Alan. I used to blare As I Lay Dying's "Nothing Left" when I drove to intramural games.

  4. Fun! I haven't managed to analyze what I do. But I can imagine the effect that As I Lay Dying would carry!

  5. hmm... I think you should check out The Swell Season. They're a new favorite. It's like screamo folk music.


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