Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Music Monday: Electronika!

I do know that electronika is actually spelled with a "c", but it's just so cute with a "k". It's all Germanified, like my last name!

I'm gradually getting back onto an electronika kick, but I still have a pretty small range of artists that I listen to. For the most part I've been listening to Scooter and Joy Electric with a lot of Breathe Carolina. BC is awesome because they do a superb job of incorporating a bit of screaming without making it anything close to metalcore (screamo). Basically, they're amazing.

I really love electronika, and not just because it's rave music. It's so full of energy and intensity, but it isn't dark or too peppy. It's my music of choice when I'm packing, because I always need energy when I'm doing that. Besides that, it also makes for some great dance music! Electronika has such a heavy beat to it that it's easy to dance to.

One particular dance that is centered around electronika is jumpstyle. I love watching people who are really good at it because they look like they have springs in their feet. It's amazing! Some friends and I had talked about getting together a jumpstyle routine to Scooter's Ramp! The Logical Song for the JBU talent show, but nothing came of it. Maybe someone else can carry on the dream. If you've never seen jumpstyle (or think it's interesting) check out some of these links.

These guys have serious skill, but this is super long. And there's a weird part in the middle where they have a cat in a bag and are talking in German. Anyway, you might want to skip around if you don't feel like watching the whole thing.

This one's from the front, an interesting perspective. I like the side-to-side action.

One of Scooter's official music videos. Jumping doesn't start for forty-five seconds, but when it does it's cool. 1:30 is awesome.


  1. that's definitely dance music; I don't know if it fits well doing anything else besides dancing. The Scooter video is pretty fun! They seem to be happy jumpers.

  2. This is so interesting! Thanks for sharing!


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