Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Life Expectency: 100

I could write a little about my first several days back in Hong Kong, but I won't. At least not tonight. Tomorrow is some random holiday, so my dad is off work. We're going to go on an outing to a museum and some kind of ancient village with acidic volcanic structures (or something like that). Anyway, I have to get up early to do that, so I'm typing quickly tonight.


I think I shall live to be a hundred. And why, you ask, do I think that? I was recently perusing the MSN mainpage (which is one of my new favorite pasttimes) trying to find interesting articles to read. One of them was discussing people who live to be one hundred.

The wonderful thing about centenarians is that they don't just live longer with ever-declining health and happiness; they generally are extremely healthy up to a year or two before they die. Instead nursing homes, these older people often are quite independent.

Here are some things that centenarians have in common: they don't smoke, they don't drink too much, they eat healthfully, they exercise, they don't have diabetes or heart problems, they think they have a decent amount of money (even though a large percentage of them actually live under the poverty line), and they don't get stressed out by things. Also, after they retire, they generally keep volunteering to help others, often at nursing homes that they could have been in.

Well, I don't smoke or drink too much. I eat healthfully, for the most part, although I do probably eat more junk food than I should. I exercise and I don't have any bad disease. I've never felt too bad up for money (besides the times when someone stole all the money out of my bank acount), but then again I've never lived under the poverty line either. Finally, looking over my past year of car accidents, identity fraud, broken wrists, and possible expulsion from my house, I think I handle stress just fine.

So I guess the only tick on my list is food. Whenever I reach for a piece of chocolate, I'll think about the question: do I want to live to a hundred or not? At the same time, there's quality of life to consider...

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