Thursday, June 3, 2010

Oh, Humidity

It's hot here. You might be saying, "Of course it's hot." You're in Thailand in June. True, true. I knew that it would be hot. And humid. And I came anyway. Still, it's pretty hot. I do think I am slowly getting used to it though. Living in Arkansas has slowly been desensitizing me to humidity (though of course not all the way). Still, Arkansas is nothing compared to this madness. The wet hotness grabs me whenever I walk out of a building, especially after a whole day inside my air-conditioned (often chilly) school. Several times I've walked out of a building and felt my throat starting to seize up and my breaths coming in semi-desparate gasps. I had to tell myself to breath slowly to keep from hyperventilating. My body must think that I'm suffocating or something. I do think I'm getting used to it, though. A little, at least. The constantly drenched in sweat part isn't my favorite, but it's getting better.

On a slightly different note, I am loving Thai fashion! Just tonight I was wandering around the street my school's on trying to find a Staple's to buy school supplies (which has remained every elusive) and I kept getting distracted by all the booths. The first time I walked outside of the school after dark, I was amazed at the transformation. The sidewalks were busy before, but they are booth-lined at night. People are everywhere. Jewelry, t-shirts, dresses, shoes, watches, DVDs, underwear, purses, you name, it's there. Some places even have colored light shows going in the alleys it quite wonderous.

I kept telling myself that I have to wait until Saturday to buy anything. Since I'm going to the big market, I should wait until I see all the stuff there. It was pretty tempting, though, since I saw so many clothing items that I wanted. It's like heaven here after countless unsuccessful shopping trips in the States and semi-unsuccessful ones in Korea. Saturday is only one day away!

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