Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Taiwanimania: Part 4

The next day, Paul's family took us around to see some nice views and eat delicious food!

Riding in the car

I managed to get a shot of their grave houses.

We first went to a beautiful river walk. Although it was pretty hot, the river was really pretty! It reminded me a little of Grape Creek, the creek my family used to sometimes go to to play and wade in. We took a lot of pictures, and even little Pearl acted as a photographer! We finally climbed down to the edge of the creek to dip our feet in the water. That felt pretty great in the heat.

This walkway reminded me of Swiss Family Robinson.

After that we ate lunch at a Hakka restaurant. Hakka people are a group of Chinese people who speak the Hakka language. I know a couple of Hakkas or part Hakkas, so it was cool to be able to eat some traditional food. The restaurant had a nice garden with fish pond so we also wandered around taking pictures.

Hakka Delicacy

Yum yum! The one on the right is pig intestine cooked in vinegar and ginger. The shrimp were good, but I kept stabbing my mouth with their pointing, fried legs and antennae.


When we were nice and round from the food, we went to see a famous suspension bridge. I really enjoyed looking out the window while we drove because the scenery was so great! The bridge was really pretty, especially since it was slightly overcast and cloudy around us.

I've left my mark on Taiwan.

On the other side of the bridge there was a cool little town/village with a sweet market. We looked through some shops, and I accidentally tried to use some conditioner as lotion. Yeah, that doesn't work.

Going down to the market.

Shaved ice with mango and chocolate ice cream.


We went by the post office.

After wandering around for awhile and eating some more delicious shaved ice, we headed back home. It was a tiring but awesome day.


  1. everyday was a tiring but awesome day! Glad you enjoyed your time! I'm going to share your blog posts with my parents!!!


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