Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Cuteness Factor

Maybe I've been in Asia too long? Of course, in the whole scheme of things, one year is a drop in the bucket. But today I found out how much I've been affected by living here.

I had a break from work and I went out to get some milk tea. I was thinking about how I need to buy some cute things to take back with me.

I was perusing the local Circle K while my cold milk tea (dohng lai cha) was being prepared and discovered that the convenience store is simply packed with cute things.

There was an alien (from Toy Story) Kleenex box cover and a toast-shaped zippable soft bad with HelloKitty's face on the front.

But what was my impulse buy? What was the chunk of cuteness that stole my heart?


And actually, he's quite useful.

See? He can hold my glasses at night!

At least he can remind me of the Stitch-crazed city of Hong Kong. I'll miss the backpacks, paper-lanterns, and ski-hats with his likeness staring at me in the streets and elevators and shopping malls. Maybe I can start the trend in Arkansas?

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