Friday, December 3, 2010

My Tired Ferris Wheel

I worked a long day today, about eleven hours. We had three teachers sick and two were on their off day. Sigh. I taught a lot today.
Whenever I have time to post, like tonight, it seems like I'm to tired or lackluster to do it. Whenever I'm in a class or on the bus going to work, ideas spin through my mind like an intangible ferris wheel, idea after idea flipping by. But when I face the screen, the carnival has left town. It didn't even leave any funnel cakes.
Maybe I'll be more inspired in the morning.
Maybe I should make some funnel cakes for breakfast...


  1. No, not really. You make a very thin, pancake-like batter (recipe on the internet, of course) and heat a couple inches of oil. When the oils hot enough you spoon some of the batter into a funnel (and you cover the funnel's small hole so it won't drip out). Then you go to the hot oil, take your finger off the hole, and quickly move all around, overlapping the batter strings so they'll stick together. Don't forget to use one of those oil shields or you'll have hot oil splatters everywhere. Then you just let it cook, flip it, and pull it out when it's done. Dry it with paper towels and then smother in powdered sugar.
    Yeah, so there was a whole recipe for you, minus the ingredients.


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