Thursday, December 16, 2010

Cool It

It finally started to cool down. When I woke up this morning, I was a bit chilly, even with two blankets and a comforter. Now I'm in a conundrum because I didn't bring very much cold-weather clothing.
Whenever I talked to my parents when I was packing, they kept talking about how hot it was and how they didn't even wear jeans anymore. Thankfully, I still packed two pair. And I thought I was overdoing it!
My work is very casual, so I usually wear jeans on most days. Unfortunately, both of my jeans are wearing out! I'm not quite sure what to do now, since finding jeans here is no picnic, and I probably won't go stateside for quite awhile. I'm thinking of having Mom go to a Kohl's at Christmas and buy a random pair of dark-wash jeans. It's still a dangerous prospect because I usually have to try on ten to fifteen pairs of jeans before I find one that fits right, but all we can do is hope for the best.
I also am missing my comfy pj pants! I didn't bring flannel pants or sweats or anything! So now I'm wearing a pair of stretchy shorts and a hoodie. Yes.
Besides the difficulties, I am glad that the weather is finally getting cold-ish. It makes it feel a bit more like Christmas, although it still doesn't. It probably doesn't help that we haven't decorated or anything. Maybe I should make some eggnog or something.
Maybe I will.


  1. Flannel pj pants are the best! I kinda feel what you feel, I think I left my favorite pair in Arkansas... Christmas mooses. I like it when it gets cold too, but then I forget how cold it really gets here. Bone chilling, and then it's easier to get a cold (I've had the unfortunate privilege of one this week). All that aside, I like the neighborhoods lit up witch crazy lights, being able to see your breath, running into warm buildings, and more excuses to drink warm drinks.

  2. Lay-ra, if you send me what size you want, I can pick and pack you up a pair of flannel PJs for Christmas. No one should have to go without!


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