Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Sunday, the family and I trekked to Macau. It's kind of like China-town meets Boston (just guessing, since I don't actually remember Boston) meets Las Vegas. Certainly an odd mix.

It has tons of old buildings with pillars and balconies and such, but it also has red dragons and signs with Chinese characters and, of course, tons of casinos. One of their casinos is shaped like a gigantic golden lotus flower. Have any of you seen Percy Jackson (or read it)? Well, they totally should have used this casino for the Land of the Lotus-Eaters. That would have been awesome.

Sad news: I have maimed my new phone. Dad gave it to me just a couple days ago, and now it's broken. It has a pretty nice camera in it, so I was using it to take pictures of things. I was just thinking about how slippery it is, when it flipped out of my hand, bounced off my other hand, and jumped over the side of the balcony I was standing on. I looked over the edge, and there it was, lying crumpled on the cobble-stone sidewalk. Weirdly enough, it was smashed to smithereens. It did have a crack around the rim so that the camera thought that the lens was on when it wasn't, but I could still take pictures if I held the crack together. I was using it like that for awhile, but it ended up getting super hot, so I decided to switch it off. We'll see if my new phone survives.


  1. ooh, that was quite an adventure for the phone... bummer. :(

  2. macau is so bizarre, isn't it? i'm from las vegas, so when i saw all the hotels, i was a bit weirded out. hope you had fun!!

  3. I certainly did Amy!
    And thanks for the sympathy, Lindsay. :)


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