Sunday, August 8, 2010

Crazy Week

Yes, my week has been crazy, and it probably won't get better for a little while.

A friend of mine who got a teaching job in Korea came to visit me! She found out that she had a week off unexpectedly, so she e-mailed me on Saturday asking if she could visit on Monday. Of course I said yes! It was so much fun having someone to show around and hang out with. Of course, I'm still figuring out how to get around here, so we did get lost several times, but we always found our way. Eventually.

Sarah left Friday morning, I went in to work for a tutoring session later that morning, and that night we picked my sister Amelia up from the airport! It'll be fun to have Amelia here, but it's unfortunate that I've already started working. I have tons of lesson-planning and stuff to do, and my first full work-week starts tomorrow.

I was scheduled to be working almost full-time six days a week, and I was worried I wouldn't get to spend time with Amelia. I finally talked to the admin lady at Capstone, and she thought that I wanted lots of teaching time! Thankfully, she changed my schedule around so that I'm only working in the mornings and early afternoons. The latest I'll work is three and only two days a week. So much better!

I decided that tonight I'd better skip the Night Market and Light Show that my family's going to and just lesson plan. Maybe I can get enough done that I'm not desperate every night before I teach! One can always hope, at least.

Well, back to work. My coconut sago drink and Demon Hunter to keep my company.

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