Friday, March 27, 2009


I'm pretty excited about summer. Well, in a way. In one way I don't want summer to come because that means that all of my senior friends will graduate and leave me. I hate thinking about it. They're all going to scatter across the US, maybe even world, getting jobs and doing all sorts of wonderful things. Will they come back and visit? Will we write or call? Maybe we will just have to remember all of the good times and late-night conversations, wondering what they're doing now.

Despite the horrible thought of graduation, I am excited about my summer job. I am going to be a counselor at SkyRanch in Colorado. I will be in charge of seventeen and eighteen-year-old girls. Almost the same age as my little sister. I love teenagers.

I am really excited about getting to work with teenagers again. I'm excited about meeting the people I'll be working with throughout the summer. I'm just excited about working at a camp. I have always wanted to work at a camp, and never have.

I know that it will be tiring and hard. I probably won't sleep very much, and I will be surrounded by people for a majority of the time. I pray for God's strength, patience and wisdom. I also pray that he prepare me for this time. I've never done anything like it before, and it will be intense.

Pray for me, if you think of it.

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