Friday, May 14, 2010

Kim-Baps and More

After taking a six hour nap, I was awoken for dinner! Dinner was very delicious. I'm fairly decent with chopsticks, but I definitely could use more practice.

At seven thirty there was a Wednesday night service at the church. I didn't undersatnd any of it, so I just read my Bible mainly. Afterwards, I met a lot of people. The word that I use the most is "anyang ha-se-yo", which means "hello" in a respectful way. Most of them either don't speak any English or are too shy to really talk to me. I understand. I know I'm always a bit shy to try to speak Spanish to someone I don't know.

Yesterday was "explore Chuncheon" day. For a breakfast/morning snack, I got a sweet potato and rice cake croissant at a bakery. Their bakeries are very great. We went to the university, walked around the streets, and went shopping. I didn't by much except for a couple of nail polishes and sweet Nightmare Before Christmas hand mirror.

For lunch, we stopped at a kim-bap (Korean-style sushi) place that was owned by church people. We ordered kim-chi and beef kim-baps, and they were served with yellow radishes and bean paste soup. Very delicious.

That night we went to a musical. I couldn't understand anything, but they were pretty expressive, so it was still interesting. Afterwards, Sarah and I went to a cafe and got shaved ice with fruit, honey, sweet bean sauce, and whipped cream, which was also wonderful. They should seriously sell those in the States. They beat the socks off of snowcones.


  1. And your adventures beat the socks off my summer plans! This sounds like a lot of fun--and you sound like the perfect person to enjoy it.

  2. Yeah! Laura's in Korea! I like the pictures. You should send me some shaved ice. It sounds amazing :)

  3. The congregation owns a sushi place? So legit! Now I want to go to Korea. That shaved ice sounds amazing too. I wander what the music sounds like there. :-)

  4. Sorry, the congregation doesn't, but a couple who are in the congregation does. :)

  5. Nice! I've had kim-chi before. Good stuff. I'm sure it won't be too long before you're fluent in Korean!


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