Monday, August 2, 2010

First Day...Kind Of

Today was my kind of first day at work.

I'm working part-time for the summer, and I was supposed to start a week from today. I got an e-mail on Saturday from the admin lady asking if I would pick up a one-on-one tutoring job STARTING ON MONDAY! Yep, today. I was kind of shocked that it was so fast, but I guess that's the way it goes.

I'm working with a girl who's a junior in high school, and she goes to school in the UK. She wants to work on writing, especially for school essay tests. Also, she wants to work on poetry analysis. Hm. I like poetry, and I certainly read a ton of it in college, but I never would say I'm a poetry expert. Even our profs admit that poetry is one of the weak points in the JBU program. So I was kind of wondering how good I was supposed to be.

Thankfully, she mainly wants to work on poetry meaning. Good! I can do that. It's the stuff like what meter it's in and that junk that I'm not so strong on. Onomatopoeia. Yes.

Anyway, I had her do some free-writing, talked about outlines and thesis, and started on a writing exercise. I also showed her how to make flashcards! She said that she wanted to work on her vocabulary but had a hard time remembering the words. I don't think Asian students use flashcards very much. Sarah (roommate Sarah) told me that she often has to teach her students how to make flashcards. And I thought that was the only way to learn vocab!

Anyway, I'm glad it went well. I have to go clean the bathroom and then go pick up my friend Sarah (different Sarah) from the airport! I'm excited to have a visitor. Until next time...

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