Thursday, September 2, 2010

Classic Movies

I've been watching a lot of classic movies lately. I have to do something while I grade papers, so watching movies is a good choice. Of course, the movies I've been watching aren't necessarily the kind of classic you would immediately think of. I haven't watched Lawrence of Arabia. No Breakfast at Tiffany's. And certainly no Gone with the Wind (yuck).

No, I've been watching more cultural classics, ones that people often reference. Once I should have seen and didn't. Or ones that I've seen but forgotten about. I started this a couple of years ago. Growing up I didn't really watch that many movies (at least not compared to most people my age). I didn't watch Titanic until my freshman year of college (and almost didn't finish it then, but I persevered through it). I didn't watch Gladiator until my sophomore year. And I didn't watch Two Weeks Notice until this summer.

Ok, maybe Two Weeks Notice isn't necessarily a classic, but I've heard people reference it for years and never knew what it was about. So sue me.

Today I watched Good Will Hunting. I have seen this movie before, but it was my freshman year and I couldn't remember everything about it, so I decided to watch it again.
Good Will Hunting is certainly a harsh movie. It's full of s-words and f-words and crass jokes. It's set in a place where bars are the main attraction.

But those aren't the things that I remember about the movie. What sticks out in my mind is Sean's passionate love for his deceased wife. Will's cocky attitude that he uses to hide his pain and the final breakdown of his defenses. Chuckie's concern for Will's future. The reconciliation between the professor and the shrink, an apology where no words were needed. This is what I remember.

Of course, I still like movies like Two Weeks Notice. They're enjoyable, fluffy, and a good viewing experience. But what do I remember about that movie? I remember Lucy lying down in front of a wrecking ball and handing out wet-wipes. Fun, but not much impact.

So what should I watch next?


  1. Seeing as how you're usually the one pointing out which cultural classics I've failed to see ... I dunno. Edward Scissorhands? Amadeus? Firefly/Serenity? The original Pink Panthers? Fight Club? I'd be careful on that last one, but they're the only cultural classics I can think of that you might not have seen that I reference often.

  2. Thanks for the suggestions. I have seen them all except Firefly/Serenity, so I might have to watch that next!

    Don't buy fancy soap. Just don't do it.

  3. This is my favorite scene from Good Will Hunting:

    There is such a huge difference between knowledge & experience. I don't know how to fully blend the 2, but this is when Sean finally sets Will in his place. Many of us have vast knowledge and no experience, and others have the exact opposite or a hybrid of the 2. Can we rely on our brains to solve the puzzles of life? Can those answers only be found through experience? Sean's words were so alive. No matter how crappy were those things that his character experienced, I'd rather live them than just read about them. Many times, we use film or books as an escape into a world much more exciting than ours (I do this all the time). But when I hear Seans words, I'm not afraid of life's pain anymore. I oddly long for it. Good Will Hunting is an amazing movie because a boy's pride is broken to start living past his knowledge.


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