Monday, September 27, 2010

Music Monday: They Might Be Giants

I just like this band's name: They Might Be Giants. Simply awesome.

Anyway, awhile ago I was talking to a friend about them, and he asked me what song I liked. According to his theory, everyone has one They Might Be Giants song that they really like, and they usually can't stand any of the others. I'll buy that theory.

Although I haven't listened to everything they've done, I do know that I only liked one song that I listened to. In fact, the reason I didn't listen to more of their songs is because I didn't like so many of them. After ten awful songs, why set yourself up for more pain?

But the song of theirs that I DO like, Istanbul not Constantinople, is quite stupendous. I'm crazy about it. It has fun music and unusual, quirky lyrics. It is also easily lodged in my brain and will begin blaring when I least expect it. Here's the link so you can enjoy the music and its accompanying Loony Toons cartoon.

Now the question is, what is your They Might Be Giants song?


  1. You know, I didn't know who they were until you mentioned that song. You played it for me once, a while back. And I like it, too. :-)

  2. I've heard this song before, but I hadn't heard this version. The original version was done by the Canadian group The Four Lads. It's a fun tune, alright.

  3. Interesting. What version do you like better? Sometimes I like the covers better. ;)

  4. I'm pretty sure..... that I forgot what I was going to say just now... wow, neurons aren't what they used to be at 21.
    anyway, that song is also on monalisa smile soundtrack. I have liked it since I've heard it, but have never actually heard the band before, so it might be a diff. group performing it for the soundtrack. all that to say, i like the song but would be open to hearing more from those would be giants...


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