Friday, May 20, 2011

Laura's Austerity Budget

My finances are always a funny thing. I'm usually motivated for a few months (or one month). I write down everything I buy, I order the cheapest thing on the menu, I say no to ice cream. And then....I conveniently forget. Well, I usually don't forget, but I choose to let it go.

Often there's something that starts my downward decline. Maybe I go on vacation or have to buy clothes for work or something. Either way, I let go of my good habits and start to stray. These last couple weeks have been no exception. First, I had to get more summer clothing. The weather is starting to turn HOT. Well, not really too hot yet, but my soul is shivering in fear at the thought of the upcoming summer.

Then I've had two sets of siblings visit (one is still here), so I've spent a little more money doing stuff with them. Also, I've done a few more things with friends that have cost me. It's been fun, but maybe I've had a little bit too much fun. Finally, I've been really bad when I'm at work. When I'm tired or feel like I need a pick-me-up, I've been buying more drinks during the day. Coffee, juice, milk tea. And also, we haven't made stuff to take for lunches, so when I don't take anything, I"m forced to buy something. Aiiyahh!

But I have resolved to be better. I've made up a new budget, and I plan to stick to it. I'll write everything down! I'll say "no" to drinks! Well, at least I'll curb my drinking habits to one or two coffees/teas a week. With this new austerity budget, hopefully my paying-off-the-loans plans will keep going forward at a good pace.

Whenever I get frustrated or am craving a milk tea, I'll just tell myself....


  1. Alyssa and I have decided to be account-ability partners. :-) Pun intended. We both worked up budgets, and now that my housing expenses are starting to die down a bit, I might actually stick to it. Funny how hard it is ....

  2. laura- I feel the exact same way! I'll have good periods and then I somehow justify my spending sprees with that. and coffee for staying up at work ay yei yai!


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