Saturday, June 5, 2010

Everywhere I Go

So the song "Everywhere I Go" by Five Iron Frenzy has been my theme song lately. I was just going to put up the chorus, but the lyrics are so great that I had to put them all up. If you don't like reading lots of lyrics then just read the chorus.

I was wasting time
Oh so sure to find somebody who'll
Never go
How could I know
None I'd found was true
None could be but you
The only one love divine
My heart, my mind are yours

Everywhere I go I see your face through the crowd
Everywhere I go I hear your voice clear and loud
Everywhere I go you are the light that I seek
Everywhere I go you have found me

Where could my heart go
Where you wouldn't be
Where you wouldn't know to find me?
Far far from here
Still you are near
Still you are near to me
And I see

I have seen you in the morning
In the guiding light you hold me
Closer than the air around me
You surround me always.

See, this is the kind of worship song I would sing under my breath in chapel when I was feeling slightly stifled by some of the music. Not only is this song musically intense but its lyrics are intense. Better than, pardon me, some of the drivel out there. I don't mean to offend anyone if you like those kinds of song. If you like the music, then I'm very glad for you. But quite often I had trouble singing songs because I didn't like the music or the words. I know that I can worship God anyway, even if I don't like the music, but that is hard for me. Maybe it's something I need to work on. Or not.

Anyway, I've been listening to this song every morning before I leave for school, and it plays in my head randomly throughout the day. I really love this song because it's so true. I don't think I could ever stop following God. Even when I'm ignoring him or being distracted by other things, he's there. Everywhere I go I see him. No matter what country I'm in, whether I'm on the beach in Korea or in a crowded train station in Bangkok, I see him. He's always at least in the back of my mind. I can feel his love for these people and this country. Even if I don't have friends or family here with me, I'm not alone.

Everywhere I go he surrounds me.


  1. Laura, those lyrics are beautiful!
    (even though we have opposite tastes in music, i have to say that sounds like a delightful song!) ;-) I think it's really cool that God can use music to continually remind you of His presence.

  2. Thanks Laura! It's a blessing to me to hear you talk about how God's using that song to draw you nearer to Him.

  3. Laura, I'm always thankful for your sharp perspective. Good words, great promise, and I'm encouraged by what God has reminded you in this song, and thank you for reminding all your readers :-)


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