Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Hello Again


Well...it's been awhile.  Long time no see.  Or, as they say around here, "Hou loi mou geen."

Yes, I did make it to Hong Kong, and yes, I did guzzle a copious amount of milk tea when I got back.  Now I've settled down to the reasonable amount of two or three a week.

I'm quite happy to be back!  It's different than before, since now I'm living in my own flat (room?) and not with my parents anymore.  Happily, my sister moved in with my parents, so we're all here!  Well, except my brother who I left behind in Alaska.  But at least he visits every year.  And from the scenic skiing picture he sent us the other day, I don't think he's that sad.

I'm back at the same tutorial center I worked at before, and I still enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and mainly one-on-one setting.  I'm also loving the church I'm going to and the small group I've joined.  I feel like I'm learning a lot about God!  And we had a great time celebrating the different holidays together (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chinese New Year).  So basically, life is good.

You might be wondering, why the long silence?  Of course, the first few months of being here were crazy with trying to find find a flat, getting back into the swing of work, buying things for the said flat, setting up contracts, etc.  After that, I just never wrote.  Also, I'm busy again, working fairly late several nights a week, socializing, and taking care of house stuff by myself.  But the thing is, everything takes time.  Everything is a choice.  Do I meet with a friend or clean my house?  Do I cook a meal or go to a meetup?  Do I write a blog post or study Cantonese?

Yes, that is one of my main goals this year: learn Cantonese!  When I lived here before, I picked up some phrases and I'd learn a few things from my friends, but I didn't study it.  This time is different.  Even in Alaska, before I got here, I started studying using books and websites and youtube videos.

Now I'm so happy to be in the thick of it, able to hear it and use it every day!  Sometimes I post Facebook statuses (statii?) about funny mistakes or things I've learned, and one of my friends encouraged me to start blogging about it.  So, I think I'll give it a try.

Of course, I don't think I'll be that regular.  Studying and practicing is more important than blogging.  But looking back over some of my older posts, I was reminded why I started this blog.  I started this blog to practice my writing.  I was a Writing Emphasis in college, and now I have no professors giving me deadlines to motivate me to write.  I started this as a way to keep up that skill.  As with language, if you don't use it, you lose it.  Also, I like to use it as a memory catcher and a way to process things I've experienced and things I'm learning.  Language learning fits right in with that.  And finally, it's another way to keep friends and family members updated on my life.

So, hopefully I'll be seeing you around.  That's all for now!  Hai gum seen!

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