Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Shrimp Have Heads

Today was a long day.  I had a bit of trouble sleeping last night and had to open the cafe at seven.  It started snowing yesterday and now it's almost ten at night and still snowing!  It was a quiet morning at the cafe, not many customers.  It was nice, sipping an Americano and watching the snow out the window.  When I got off, I headed to the library, my afternoon job.

It was rough going.  For some reason the roads weren't plowed.  Thankfully I have a jeep so I got through, but I thought I was going to rattle to pieces.  At work they told us we were allowed to go home early but we had to take leave time in order to do it!  I stayed.

After work I headed over to New Sagaya, a sweet international market that's only a couple of blocks from the library.  I first got some nice produce.  Hopefully tomorrow I'll make a mess of curry for dinner and some lunches.

Yum yum

On a whim, I wandered over to the seafood section.  I like seafood but don't have much experience cooking it.  I'd like to expand my cooking repertoire and seafood is a good place to start!  One of the fishmongers (is that what you even call them?) at New Sagaya was very helpful.  He showed me their specials, explained the difference between different kinds of fish and shrimp and told me several ways to prepare different dishes.  He even gave me a generous sample of ahi poke!  It's raw cubes of ahi that's been marinated in a special sauce (mine was spicy) and mixed with herbs and onions and stuff.  SOOOOOO good.

I finally decided on some shrimp.  Sure, it's nothing too interesting, but I've got to start somewhere.  Besides, it was a cheaper option.  I was quite excited to buy the shrimp!  They're real.  They had heads.  They had tails and eyeballs and pointy bits.  Hooray!


Bubble bubble, toil and trouble

I boiled the lovely shrimp, saving some for tomorrow's curry, ate them with a soy dipping sauce.  

Delish!  To add to my eclectic meal, I had hummus and pita and feta-stuffed mushroom caps.  I topped it all off with snow ice cream!  I've been waiting and waiting to make snow ice cream. 

The fixin's for snow ice cream.

It was a sweet ending.  And hopefully tomorrow will be another wonderful evening for food fun.  Cooking with Laura: the Curry Edition.

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