Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I've Been Asianified

I know I've been a bit Asianified over the last couple years; one of my HK friends even told me I'm a little "eggy".  Today I was thinking about all the ways and thought I'd post a list.  This list is not inclusive.

  • I give and receive money with both hands
  • I feel weird wearing shoes inside
  • My clothes have gotten a bit baggier
  • I have a Hello Kitty showercap
  • I really like kimchi.  It doesn't smell that bad...
  • Sometimes I catch myself saying things like "I eat the Thai food" and "I want smoothie."  
  • I have Stitch (think Lilo&Stitch) glasses holder
  • Erm, I have a Stitch glasses holder
  • Yellow fever
  • Chicken feet or black eggs won't faze me (although stinky tofu will)
  • Sometimes I use chopsticks instead of a spatula when cooking on the stove
  • I watch more K-dramas than American tv shows
  • Rice.  It's what's for dinner
And the list keeps growing.  

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  1. Ha ha ha! Yes! I imagine it will only get worse. :) And I'll probably follow eventually...


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